Our Mission is a Safe, Healthy, and Fulfilled Workforce

At Summit Materials our employees are more than an investment in our business, they’re our people. We know that our employees’ commitment to safety and getting the job done is the foundation of Summit Materials, which is why we work hard every day to support them and their work. We consider health and safety our top priorities. With on-the-job training and leadership development opportunities, it’s important to Summit to help grow our employees’ chosen careers. We proudly stand behind our diverse family of companies and the employees that make us who we are. Their continuous hard work and commitment to excellence is what makes Summit Materials an employer of choice.


We are disciplined in our approach to safety. Across all business lines, functions, and companies, we aim for a world-class safety program and consistently work hard to achieve this goal. We incorporate workplace organization tools, like 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain), to increase efficiencies and maintain safe working spaces for our employees. Routine risk assessments and our safety policies and principles provide a framework for decision-making and help ensure that all tasks are carried out with employee and workplace safety top of mind. From an educational and training standpoint, we hold weekly safety meetings, regular training sessions, and 'tool box talks' to foster and maintain an open dialogue regarding safety issues and continue to cultivate a culture where safety is always top of mind and is everyone’s responsibility. As a strategic incentive to strengthen safety performance, all Summit Materials employees’ and executives’ bonuses are tied to Summit Materials' and our companies' end of year safety results. Additionally, our top performing companies and facilities are rewarded each year with highly competitive internal awards to incentivize performance throughout various aspects of the safety program. In recent years, our leadership teams have been recognized by national and state organizations for their innovative ideas and commitment to safety in the workplace. Safety Leadership Teams have empowered our employees to analyze everyday tasks and make them safer and more efficient for the entire organization. During any given week, there is at least one team at each company taking time away from their daily tasks to analyze, discuss, and ultimately, reduce hazards.

Diversity and Inclusion

在美国和加拿大,峰会垫erials welcomes people from all backgrounds to join our team. By fostering an inclusive, diverse, and respectful workplace, we embrace the unique strengths and values that each individual brings to our company and workplace. As stated in our Human Rights Policy and Code of Conduct, Summit Materials is committed to equal opportunity and is intolerant of harassment and discrimination in the workplace or in any work-related circumstances. These policies apply to all employees and contractors hired by Summit Materials. We make a continued effort to keep our employees trained and informed about Summit Materials' values and expectations with respect to diversity and inclusion to ensure a strong understanding of these policies and the importance of compliance. Together, we are working to build a better future for our employees, families, customers, and the communities in which we live and work.


Summit Materials provides competitive market-based compensation and employee benefits programs. This includes health and wellness programs consisting of comprehensive medical benefits for employees and families, and depending on the company, group life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, paid holidays/vacation, sick pay, and other ancillary benefits. Summit Materials offers a 401(k) retirement plan, which includes company matching.


Improving the long term health of Summit Materials' employees is the goal of our wellness program. We have worked to foster a culture of health through multiple types of engagement, including, annual biometric screenings and activity-based programs, which also aim to reduce employee health insurance costs. To incentivize participation in the wellness program, Summit Materials offers monthly financial discounts on health insurance plans for employees who participate. Employees receive a free biometric screening annually, and are encouraged to speak with their doctor about their results. The program has proven its value as employees have continued to make some powerful and positive changes with regards to their overall health. We provide access to information regarding health and wellness designed to inspire and encourage our employees to live healthier, happier lives, both in and out of the workplace. The adjacent photo shows a team from across our companies who came together to train and ultimately climb Quandary Peak, with a summit of 14,256ft.

Learning and Development

We facilitate employee development through leadership and supervisory training, operational training, sales training, industry conferences, and IT related/technical trainings. Summit Materials' goal is to empower our employees and to have a positive and meaningful impact on their professional development within Summit. To find out more information about how many training hours we log on an annual basis check out our sustainability report.

Recruitment and Veteran Hiring

Veterans, active military, and their spouses continue to be an important part of all of Summit Materials' recruiting and hiring programs. Summit has steadily worked to increase veteran hiring in recent years by developing a best practices playbook, which provides tools for long-term success for our military and veterans on the job. We are proud to have service men and women contributing to our company and workforce.

Summit Materials and our companies have formed recruiting partnerships with some of the top mining and technical universities in the country. Our internship program helps us identify bright, young talent, and provides these emerging professionals an opportunity to learn and deploy new skills and in an experienced, supervised setting. The adjacent photo is from an intern training program Summit hosted in the Denver offices, where interns from across our companies were invited to learn more about Summit Materials and the construction materials industry. Check out our annual sustainability report for up to date statistics on veteran hiring and university recruits.