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Sustainability is about more than just reducing carbon emissions or achieving renewable energy targets. It is an approach to business that shows respect for the resources — both environmental and human — that allow our company to thrive.

At Summit Materials, we are committed to responsible environmental stewardship and corporate sustainability programs that improve life in our local communities and beyond. Our sustainability program is as unique as our companies and every initiative we take on is guided by our stakeholders’ priorities.

As an organization that spans across North America, we understand our responsibility to be a leader in sustainability and the impact we can have in moving our industry toward a more sustainable future. That’s why we have set ambitious sustainability goals and work tirelessly every day to achieve those aims.

By focusing on our values and integrating corporate sustainability into everything we do, we are building a more sustainable Summit Materials that will thrive for generations to come. Check outour blogto read more about our ongoing efforts.


To ensure we live our values at every level of our organization, we developed three North Star Pillars that collectively guide our sustainability programs and ESG efforts.


Summit employs approximately 5,500 people and its impact extends to our families, customers and communities. Summit is implementing initiatives that attract, retain and grow diverse talent to drive organic growth and innovation, while also being mindful of its impact in the greater community. Summit’s focus includes examining our performance related to diversity, equity and inclusion, employee engagement, pay equity, talent acquisition, and recruitment and retention practices.Learn More


With more than 400 sites and plants, Summit’s operations impact ecosystems and communities across North America. Reclamation or rehabilitation of depleted sites and plants can serve to mitigate the impact, generate goodwill, and extend site usefulness. Once we reach the end of the mine or site life and value every drop of water we use, our objective is to leave the land better than when we found it.Learn More


Customers and investors are driving towards a lower carbon future. We aim to ensure that Summit is a leading company among our sector’s decarbonization efforts through product and operations innovation. We believe that with currently available technologies, approximately 25% of our 2020 baseline impacts can be addressed by 2030, and 50-75% of those impacts can be addressed by 2050. As an interim step, our plan is to address the balance of those impacts with market-based offsets and credits in our path to net zero by 2050. However, we also continue to explore and evaluate emerging technologies.Learn More


We believe transparency and sustainability go hand in hand. Download our 2022 ESG Report and DE&I Report to learn more about the strides we’re making toward our sustainability goals. Or, follow ourESG Stories Blogto learn more.

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We invite investors and other interested parties to learn more about oursustainability policies and governance initiatives.

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